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Dosimetry and Health Effects of Diagnostic Applications of Radiopharmaceuticals with particular emphasis on the use in children and adolescents.

Nuclear medicine contributes significantly to the health, healthcare and quality of life of European citizens, particularly in major clinical areas such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Every year, over 6 million patients benefit from a nuclear medicine procedure in Europe, 95% of which are diagnostic and 5% therapeutic. The evaluation of the impact on patients' health of small and non-repetitive or less repetitive doses of radioactive substances, as currently used in diagnostic imaging procedures, has up to now not been addressed systematically in a European context. This is where the project Peddose.net steps in.

This Support Action started in April 2010 and is partially funded by the European Commission under the FP 7 call: HEALTH-2009-1.2-6: Evaluation of the potential health impact of diagnostic imaging agents doses.
7th framework
PEDDOSE.NET: Educational Presentation
PEDDOSE.NET implemented a training scheme on "CT radiation exposure in multimodality imaging". Download the power point presentation free of charge here.
Missed the PEDDOSE.NET Pre-Symposium?
...here you will find all presentations: As part of the EANM 2011 congress in Birmingham, PEDDOSE.NET held a Pre-Congress Symposium on "Do We Apply Too Much Radiation in Diagnost...
EANM Pediatric Dosage Card soon available as App!
PEDDOSE.NET project partners are currently working on an App to install on the iPhone, derived from the EANM Pediatric Dosage Card. This card summarizes the views of the Paediatric and Do...
New Project Extension
We are happy to announce that the European Commission agreed to extend the project PEDDOSE.NET. The new duration of the project is 22 months! Hence, the end of the project will be January 31...
New Article published by the PEDDOSE.NET-project partners
New Article: "Biokinetics and dosimetry of commonly used radiopharmaceuticals in diagnostic nuclear medicine - a review" by PEDDOSE.NET-project partners The current knowledge on...
EANM Congress 2011
Don't miss the PEDDOSE.NET session at the EANM 2011 - Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Saturday October 15, 2011 09:00h - 12:30h Room: Hall 11, Birmingh...
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